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Never miss an opportunity to accelerate your work - GigJam is here!

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One of the really cool things about Office 365 is that Microsoft is always adding new functionality. While Microsoft Office has long offered cloud-based document sharing, GigJam stands out as a unique tool!

GigJam is primarily a collaboration tool that is designed for use in Office 365 environments. It allows users to spontaneously get help from a co-worker. It also makes it very easy for users to redact part of the information they're sharing with other people, which means they can selectively share portions of documents - what needs to be seen - in order to get a job done.

GigJam for Office 365

The demo video below shows how the user can just cross out whole paragraphs and leave others for comment or editing. "Show a draft brochure to your designer, but only the text to your copywriter," said Vijay Mital, general manager of the Microsoft's Ambient Computing team.

The GigJam interface also combines a bunch of interesting input methods. Users can choose whether to work entirely with the keyboard and mouse, or interact with Gigs using touch and voice input.

GigJam Voice Input

Obviously, there’s no way around it: One user starts a "Gig," and then pulls in information from whatever services they need, like email, Office documents, Salesforce…etc. Likewise, when you want to send somebody information, just open your GigJam, choose that document or email or..., and that information shows up as a card inside GigJam, and is ready for the simple, unique process: Circle, clip and Share!

GigJam is now available on computers, tablets and smart phones. You can download it Preview from Microsoft.

If you are ready to enjoy GigJam to the fullest, visit our Online Store now, get Office 365 and let the evolution begin!

Also if you have any problem getting or using GigJam, feel free to contact our expert team!

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