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Internal Portals – Do they matter? | Ctelecoms Blog

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Having a centralized method of communication is essential when you consider how many tasks, files, people, emails, meetings and discussions take place when working on a project. 

When you give your company the opportunity to have its own internal portal system, you can make all the difference! Reduction in email, less time needed to find resources, and ultimately an increase in employee satisfaction and decrease in their turnover. This carries huge implications for your company.

If you’re looking to achieve significant productivity gains for your organization, Yammer is definitely your best bet!

Yammer is an enterprise private social network (internal portal) that is considered the workplace friendly version of Facebook–you can like, follow, join groups and share content in the same way as some of your employees do on the popular social channel in their down time.

Almost every success or achievement that happens in your workplace is a result of people sharing ideas and working together. Nobody achieves anything good at work without ideas, consultation and alignment with other people. Yammer can support this by giving your employees visibility into what's going on with their co-workers.

Why use Yammer?

Bring your team together

Yammer makes it easy to quickly bring your team together so they can have conversations, collaborate on files, and more.

  • Give your teams a home: Use a Yammer group to bring people, conversations, and data together so you can get work done anytime, anywhere.
  • Connect with others: Loop relevant people into conversations to facilitate teamwork.
  • Collaborate beyond your organization: Streamline projects by looping customers and vendors into conversations, so the whole team can work together in one place. 

Work smarter and faster with your team

Yammer provides one view across teams so you can manage multiple projects and share your knowledge across your company – allowing team members to have greater context around the work they are doing, and make better decisions.

  • Stay on the same page: Teams work better with context. Start a Yammer conversation within Office documents to bring everyone up to speed.

Greater visibility, Better decisions

Yammer helps you discover relevant conversations, groups, files, and people across the company.

  • Internal Voting System: Provide a healthier environment for your employees by allowing them to reach decisions faster, participate effectively in nominations, and vote for your company’s best interest. This will dramatically improve their productivity and loyalty.
  • Make faster announcements: Stop wasting time gathering people to make an important announcement. With Yammer, your company’s new announcements will flow faster, smoothly and more efficiently.

Break Communication Barriers

  • Work from anywhere: The Yammer mobile app allows you to participate from virtually everywhere so you never have to miss a beat.
  • Keep up with conversations that matter: Use your inbox to stay organized with all the @mentions, announcements, conversations, and private messages that you’re a part of.

Yammer is a FREE add-on for Office 365 subscribers.

 Get your FREE Office 365 Enterprise E3 trial from Ctelecoms now by filling out the form below:

Try it out yourself and see how it will dramatically boost up your company’s entire workflow.

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