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Essential Things to Consider Before Building Your Data Center





Owning a data center, whether big or small, is like owning a home. You have to design it with care, put every component in the right place, upgrade whenever there's a need to, maintain a healthy DC environment and take all security measures into account. If you cut corners or fail to upgrade your equipment when necessary, you may put your enterprise at risk.

Choosing the right data center strategy is definitely a big decision for every organization. After all, it is the core facility that’s keeping your business up and running while maintaining the safety and security of your most important data and mission-critical information. To give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make that important decision for your business, here are four considerations to help you ensure your data center is being implemented properly and wisely:

Careful Data Center Planning & Infrastructure Management

After considering your requirements along with the data center’s location, Ctelecoms IT professionals start by generating accurate and actionable data to help executers understand the interdependencies among power, cooling, security, connectivity, and environment systems across the DC room. This visibility provides our IT professionals with insight to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks to the business while keeping pace with ever-changing technology innovations.


Your business is growing rapidly as you expand your reach, products, and/or services. You need access to a bigger data center footprint that allows you to scale while maintaining a high level of service and connectivity to a robust custom ecosystem.

In other words, you need to make sure that your data center meet the needs of your company in the years to come. You want your data center to grow with you, offering different levels of flexibility to meet your changing needs—from additional space to power and even connectivity.


Redundancy in IT is a system design in which a component is duplicated so if it fails there will be a backup plan in place. A data center can have several redundant components, such as servers, cooling, UPSs, hard disk drives, and telecommunication links, that are installed to back up primary resources in case they fail.

You need to keep in mind that the cost of moving to a disaster recovery plan is much lower than the cost of surviving the failure (or having a business continuity plan). So you should always consider having redundant power, cooling and data protection. Power means backup generators and power units click on when the main systems go down. Cooling means back up cooling units kick on to keep web servers cool if the main systems fail. Data protection means data is transferred to a geographically different data center to enable continued uptime of services. All in all, redundancy is one of the key factor that guarantee your data center will be up and running no matter what.

Data center Physical Security

Physical security is another key factor to ensure your data center’s components are equipped with the right means to protect against any unexpected incidents, such as, fire, or water leakage. Thus, you should have multiple levels of physical security not only inside, but outside the data center as well. A data center’s physical security is not limited to placing cameras or securing access to the DC room; it should have other components as well. A good example of this is humidity and temperature sensors that should be used to control climate and maintain an appropriate operating temperature for servers and other hardware to prevent overheating and reduce the possibility of service outages.


Having the right data center strategy for your organization requires careful planning, research and collaboration with your staff in order to ensure your reliability, location, scalability, connectivity and security are considered very closely with your company’s goals in mind.

As pioneers in data center solutions, Ctelecoms engineers have unrivalled experience in the planning, design, and implementation of modern data centers for companies of every size and industry in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Al-Riyadh).

Whether you are looking to upgrade specific components of your existing data center, improve services for your IT in the front line, or to build a whole new data center that supports your modern IT technologies for years to come, Ctelecoms is always there to help out. Contact us today.

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