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5 Reasons to Upgrade To Microsoft 365 Business Premium

 2022/02/13   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   949 visit(s)


 Ctelecoms Team


In the world of online and remote work, businesses are looking for more efficient solutions to keep their employees connected and safeguard them from cyber threats.


Microsoft keeps the business needs in mind, offering a cost-effective, yet highly efficient solution for businesses of any size to keep everyone and everything under one platform that allows employees to share files, connect and meet anytime on any device.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium brings together advanced security capabilities with collaboration tools allowing you to run your business smoothly and securely from anywhere. Also, it has multiple subscription levels for businesses to grow and scale at their own pace.


We have gathered for you in this article the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade to M365 Business Premium. So let's get started!

1- Easy Communication & Collaboration

We can all agree that remote work can cause major problems in terms of communicating and collaborating between team members. It’s so much easier in real life to walk to the next desk and ask what you want, but during Covid 19, most organizations around the world decided it was better to keep everyone safe and have their employees work remotely.


Since employees need access to modern business collaboration tools that make it possible to brainstorm, work on a project as a team, or even give edits and approvals in real-time. Microsoft 365 Business Premium enhances team productivity through collaboration tools, allowing the team to interact during meetings, sessions, and presentations.


Microsoft Teams eliminates the need to switch between applications searching for files or ways to communicate. Just add employees to Teams and allow them to share files, co-author documents, create online meetings in real-time.

Protect Corporate Data from Unauthorized Access

Having everyone accessing files and data from different devices at different locations, create a security gap for most enterprises.


Luckily, M365 Business Premium’s data protection features help enterprises safeguard business-critical data and ensure that only authorized employees are accessing needed files and data.


The Built-in advanced Multi-Factor Authentication feature showed to stop 99% of identity attacks providing extra protection against stolen passwords. This feature requires employees to present a second form of authentication, like verification codes and tokens in order to confirm identity before accessing files stored on the cloud.


Not to mention that M365 Business Premium comes with conditional access policies that help ensure that only authorized employees have access to the company’s data. Those policies allow business managers to specify access restrictions based on several factors such as the time of the day, device, location and many more.

Protection Against Phishing Attacks and Ransomware

Phishing attacks are a very common type of cyber attack that happens via emails as attachments from hackers or malicious users. However, M365 Business Premium built a real-time AI-powered malware scanning technology called Advanced Threat Protection. This technology automatically scans attachments and links in shared documents across emails, OneDraive and Teams in order to neutralize phishing attacks upon arrival.


M365 Business Premium was also equipped with Anti-Spoofing Technology Protection that ensures no malware is able to invade your email, thereby preventing impersonation from unauthorized users.


It also helps in stopping ransomware by preventing unauthorized applications and scripts from accessing your files. One more thing you can do is to enable BitLocker encryption to provide an additional layer of security.


And don’t forget to configure automatic updates to apply the latest security features and updates on all employees devices.

Guard Your Sensitive Data

When dealing with sensitive data like customer payment details, you’ll need information protection features. Microsoft 365 Premium is equipped with advanced information protection capabilities that help safeguard such data.


These data protection features include the following:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies
  • Message encryption
  • Exchange online archives

Secure Corporate Data on Personal Devices

Since most employees are using personal devices like phones and laptops outside your company to access data, and if sensitive company data is being stored on personal devices, then you would want to make sure that every device outside the organization is secure.


M365 Business Premium offers mobile device management MDM feature, where you can secure and manage employees’ enrolled mobile devices.


You can create and manage device security policies, remotely wipe a device if it was lost or stolen and remove all sensitive company data, reset the device to factory setting, and view detailed reports.

Final Words

When thinking of a thriving business, then you have to keep safety and employees’ flexibility and comfort in mind. Ctelecoms is a market leading Microsoft partner in Saudi Arabia, offering customers high-end business solutions to ensure high productivity and safety.


We provide top-class service and full support when migrating to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. 

Let us support you with more info at: https://www.ctelecoms.com.sa/L118/M365premium

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