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Microsoft 365 Business Standard VS Business Premium

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Microsoft 365 Business is a collection of Microsoft productivity applications put together in one plan to efficiently manage your business. If you are working in the modern-day corporate world, then you definitely are using one if not all Microsoft Applications.

The best part is that Microsoft thought of everything when building their application suite, from emails to meetings and storage, all located on the cloud to allow your team to work from anywhere at any time.


However, when picking between plans it gets really confusing, and you may ask yourself: “Do I really need all these applications?” and that’s how you end up choosing the minimal Basic or Standard plan.


In this article, we are listing all the reasons that you might be missing out on regarding the Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and why is it the best deal for your enterprise.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Standard?

Previously known as Office 365 Business Premium, is a package designed for organizations that requires office applications across multiple devices. Offering business email, cloud file storage, and online chat and meetings.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

The M365 was also previously known as something else, and that is Microsoft 365 Business. This plan includes everything that M365 Business Standard has to offer in addition to advanced cybersecurity add-ons for threat protection and device management, taking your business’ security to the next level.

Is Business Premium worth the extra cost?

The alterations made to the package focus on Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and other features that allow you to easily manage devices throughout your organization which the M365 standard does not provide.


And in the case you’re still not convinced, here are other features of M365 Premium that might interest you:

Microsoft Intune

This cloud-based service concentrates on mobile device management and mobile application management; giving the organization the ability to improve how devices are being utilized like phones, tablets, and laptops.

Azure information protection

Enable collaboration of your email, documents, and sensitive data by encryption, restricted access and the right to provide additional protection.

You can work with anything via Azure, with an extra protection level.

Conditional Access

This is a feature of Azure Active Directory that allows you to impose control over access to certain applications inside your organization using specific conditions that can be set, managed, and regulated from a central location.

Windows Virtual Desktop WVD

WVD is a service from Microsoft that offers a complete Windows 10 desktop experience on any device or browser.

This allows your staff members to work effectively and securely from any location on any device.


Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with many features designed to help your business thrive. When implementing such features, you have four checkpoints to go through to make sure you made the right investment:

  1. Productivity: With M365 you get more time in your organization’s day to day tasks rather than dealing with cyber threats.
  2. Mobility: You can access anything on any device at any location.
  3. Control: Ensure that your staff can work remotely and safely with conditional access on devices.
  4. Communication: Increased collaboration time through features such as Teams and Outlook

However, we can agree that the main feature you’re paying extra for here is the advanced security measures, and that’s not a bad deal especially nowadays where companies are still letting employees work from home and cyber threats are getting more aggressive than ever.


At Ctelecoms, we are proud to be partners with Microsoft, working to offer the best customer service for our clients in Saudi Arabia. And now we are offering a free trial to help you set up and make sure that Business Premium is the right fit for your enterprise.

Feel free to reach out for support at: https://www.ctelecoms.com.sa/L118/M365premium


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