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8 Business Challenges and Problems that Microsoft 365 Premium Solve

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 Ctelecoms Team


In the modern business world, the need to have a solution that brings together all files and team members is increasing, especially with the trend of remote work.


Microsoft 365 is so much more than just the ordinary Office suite. It’s actually a package of solutions and products designed to give the staff everything they might need to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere at any time.

The easy setup features and cloud access are all you need to move from large, irregular IT spending to a predictable and set monthly budget.


However, having the correct plan for your business is essential, so we gathered for you 8 common problems that Microsoft 365 Business Premium can solve for your business.

First, What Does M365 Premium Actually Include?

Those are the top features for M365 Premium:

  • Email, calendar and contacts (Outlook/Exchange)
  • Cloud Storage (OneDrive)
  • Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher & Access)
  • Document Library (SharePoint)
  • Social Collaboration (Yammer)
  • Audio & Video Conferencing (Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams)
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Azure Information Protection Plan

Microsoft 365 Business Premium brings so many benefits it would be quite hard to list them here, and so many of them would be specific to individual Businesses challenges.

8 Challenges M365 Premium Solve

1.    keeping software updated

With Microsoft 365 Premium, all software updates are automatically controlled and applied at release. That means, Your IT managers and engineers do not have to organize and administrate software updates installations while the staff always have access to the very latest versions of software.

2.    Staff using Different devices

Mobile devices like phones and tablets allow easy more portable access to files and contacts both inside and outside the office. For businesses, this means that staff members are using multiple devices which can cause incompatibility issues and security concerns.

M365 can be easily accessed from any device on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows).

Furthermore, every user can install Microsoft Office on up to 15 devices, so they really can work in any place at any time.

3.    Data security concerns

M365 premium offers next-level security measures with cyber threat protection and authentication features to keep your enterprise data safe and sound on every device, on the cloud, and while transfer.

4.    Staff unable to access work when out of the office

All M365 suite applications and Office suite can be accessed from any device on any platform at any time whilst having an internet connection. This means staff members that are often working remotely or just out of the office can still access all their work on the go.

5.    Time-consuming training for new users

Most of users around the world are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite and pretty much know how everything works. However, other applications and products can be a little tricky. Luckily, most products follow the same intuitive and familiar feel and wealth of free online resources where staff can be up and running in no time with full knowledge of all cloud applications and features.

6.    Emails and calendars are not linked

Assume you received an email containing a meeting invitation, with one click you can easily add the event to your calendar since it’s synced with your contacts and emails across all devices. That means appointments and meetings are easily manipulated, adopted and accepted.

7.    Team members can’t collaborate and work on the same document

M365 Business Premium offer SharePoint access, where multiple users can open and edit the same document at the same time, allowing higher productivity and more effective work. It also includes visual control, security settings, and a clear audit trail so teamwork can be simplified and much quicker.

8.    Time and cost for meetings

Now you have access to Teams and Skype for Business, one for your team and the other for larger business meetings. Skype for Business is a powerful enterprise communication tool providing instant messaging, presence, audio calls up to 250 users, HD video conferencing with up to 5 users. By using Skype for Business you can reduce the time and cost of travelling to meetings by easily setting up a conference.


When using Microsoft 3565 Business Premium, you are taking your enterprise to a whole new level of security and productivity. With advanced security options and device management features, M365 Premium is considered a great deal when thinking of business needs in terms of security and remote work.

Ctelecoms is a proud Microsoft partner in Saudi Arabia, providing top services and support to all users all over Saudi. Let us support you with more info about how to move to M365 Business Premium seamlessly at:

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