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Key Cloud Mailbox Features to Protect Your Business

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It’s always a smart and a good idea to keep enterprise security the number one concern as a business owner especially now where the number of attacks is on the rise!

According to Gatefy, 94% of security incidents with malware occur through the use of malicious e-mails. In other words, of every 10 malware attacks, 9 of them happen via email.

However, even when using some of the strongest tools in the market and solely relying on one service provider, threats might still find a way to get to your enterprise.

That’s the problem we are addressing in this article, and that is, the problem of the security gaps in Microsoft 365 email and how Cisco secure email cloud mailbox solves the problem and made Microsoft email cloud the one cloud immune to cyber attacks.

Why Mailboxes Upgraded to Cloud?

Most email infrastructures have moved from on-premise to the cloud, so organizations can harness the cloud benefits like increased collaboration capabilities, streamlined workflows, and centralized project management.

However, despite the benefits of the cloud, this left organizations open to cyber threats of many kinds.

Why do attackers choose to target emails? Simply because of human error, where people tend to open links and media shared via email without second-guessing!

Cloud email platforms are among the most mimicked domains and a successful credential phish can expand the attack surface to include the full Office suite.

What Cisco provides here is a way to quickly detect threats to mitigate exposure and keep business secure.

How does Cloud Mailbox work?

Cisco Email Cloud Mailbox adds an extra layer of security to the native Microsoft 365 email by using proven Cisco Secure email technology.

The alliance of the industry-leading threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, Secure Malware Defense, and Cisco Secure Malware Analytics, work together to protect organizations against the following threats:

  • Phishing
  • Business Email Compromise BEC
  • Account takeovers

In a nutshell, Cloud Mailbox is the security layer that remediates threats whether they are coming from the organisations like compromised accounts, or from the outside like hacking and phishing attacks.

8 Key Features to Help Your Organization

Easy Configuration - No need for prior experience when deploying the solution! Any user and not necessarily an IT specialist can get the solution up and running with a one-time configuration without affecting the workflow.


Ease the burden on administrators - Cisco Secure Cloud Mailbox is an AI-based solution and is paired with advanced search and remediation tools. This allows administrators to quickly discover and deal with threats properly, allowing them to focus on other business-critical issues.

Leverage the cloud - This is a cloud-native solution and is built to automatically scale resources based on demand, provide a highly available resilient service, and optimize for maximum performance with faster detections and response time.

Prioritize data protection - Cisco Cloud Mailbox engines run in the Microsoft Azure cloud and only send verdicts and email metadata to the Cloud Mailbox platform for reporting and taking privacy actions.

This makes data privacy the number one concern as email messages and attachments never leave Microsft 365 Azure’s data boundaries region.

Easy to become a member - A single subscription SKU is used to select the number of seats and subscription terms not to mention that support services are also included by default in the subscription.

Every message gets analyzed - The solution scans every message with the same level of security whether they are inbound, outbound or internal.

This feature allows administrators to search messages across all mailboxes and take immediate action if any threat was discovered.

All at the lower cost - Since it requires minimal configuration and the interface is so intuitive, the administrators don’t need to rely on any specialised team or have the training to use the solution.

No more account takeovers - Because Cloud Mailbox scans and remediates against internal messages, it can spot movement and internal malware that can occur after an account takeover.

As for outbound malware and spam, they’re given the highest priority and administrators are alerted immediately when this type of behaviour is detected.

Let Us Help You Secure Your Email Cloud

Make sure all your mailboxes are protected and all security gaps in Microsoft 365 are closed.

Ctelecoms is a Proud Microsoft and Cisco partner in Saudi Arabia working to provide the best-in-class solutions to clients.

Reach out at: https://www.ctelecoms.com.sa/L125/ciscosecurity

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