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A solution to every problem: Meet our Power Apps gallery

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As you begin planning for your organization’s next mobile strategy, you are likely to get overwhelmed with the options and technology, not to mention the costs and complexity.

We understand that every business has special requirements, and it’s essential to meet these requirements whatever the tools or apps you are thinking of adding, keep in mind that the workflow should be intact at all times.

Since companies are moving to the cloud worldwide, and many are deploying mobile and tablet-based applications in efforts to improve accessibility and maintain a steady workflow from any device, we think it’s about time for your organization as well to take this leap and level up. So, have you heard of Power Apps?

PowerApps are a suite of mobile applications designed to unlock the potential of mobile devices for the benefit of both the customer and the business itself.

We have created a list of our best Power Apps that we think are going to make a great addition to the work experience at your enterprise, so let’s take a look together.


This app is dedicated to the HR department and enables your frontline workers to inspect anything such as locations, retail stores, vehicles, machines, assets, equipment and quality of products and services.

It offers the following features:

  • Get reminders and notifications on inspection walks due dates
  • Schedule inspection walks
  • Assign each area to a specific user
  • Various scheduling options
  • Adding tasks, notes and images to each inspection walk step
  • Facilitating management by specifying the areas and area types
  • Extract reports on issues or locations and equipment statuses

You can take a look and request a demo at: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/page383/Inspector

Of course, this app can be used by all departments in your company, but we think that the HR department would benefit from it the most.

Newcomers App

Make sure you are offering your new employees or trainees a professional experience they won’t forget!

This app will make a great addition to the HR department as well where it can help with reminding new hires of their weekly tasks and give them a chance to know more about their extended team with the Icebreaker feature to catch up in quick meet and greet virtual meetings.

This app offers the following features:

  • Enable the HR team to collect feedback to assist new employees in onboarding
  • Connect new employees to people and culture
  • provide a consistent experience and information to get in the productivity mode faster
  • Review introductions about new hires and share them with the relevant team in a heartbeat

Feel free to request a demo through the following link: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/page385/Newcomers-App

Meeting Manager

It can be difficult to schedule a meeting with a large number of people, especially nowadays when almost everybody’s calendar is booked for days to come.

This Power App will help you manage your meetings seamlessly from one place where you can easily take notes, email attendees and more.

This app can be used in all departments, and it would be a great addition to making booking a meeting an easy task.

Of course, you’ll get the following features:

  • Send emails to all attendees with notes, tasks, and photos
  • export tasks to desired Planner bucket
  • Export all notes to OneNote
  • Easily plan follow-up meetings

You can request a demo app at: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/page386/Meetings-Manager


This app is something to make idea sharing a fun experience and to encourage employees to interact with each other.

IdeaShare enables Microsoft Teams users to set up and configure an idea campaign where other employees can vote or like the idea.

In this app you’ll have the following features:

  • Get feedback on ideas from all users
  • Attach and submit ideas on Activecampaigns
  • View weekly contributors and top ideas
  • Specify start and end dates, with question templates for each idea campaign you create

This is a fun way to keep things moving and make sure your creative team is always working to the fullest.

Request a demo here: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/page388/IdeaShare

HelpMe Bot

Looking for your own support team? We got you covered!

This app allows you to drive down support costs by answering 160+ common questions about how to use any of Microsoft 365 or Teams features.

  • This would be of great help to new employees and would make the process of using Teams and Microsoft 365 run seamlessly with no trouble.

You’ll get the following features here:

  • Answering Microsoft 365 questions automatically in no time
  • Reduce the number of IT and HR support tickets by 20 to 30%
  • Promote user knowledge and productivity

Request a demo at: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/page390/HelpMe-Bot

Want to see more apps?

Now, this is the list of Power Apps we have chosen for you. Of course, you can access more apps and request the demo from our store: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/

And if you have a special request in mind don’t hesitate to fill in your info and our team will get back to you as soon as possible with the solution that would make a difference in your workflow.

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