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Backup Strategy

Understanding the basics of backups and disaster recovery is essential to minimize unplanned downtime impacts to your company. Differentiating between backup and disaster recovery helps you to create an effective strategy to avoid downtime impacts and disruption to business operations. Consider including your primary backups within a larger disaster recovery strategy to help you be completely protected. For most organizations, a backup and disaster recovery strategy are absolutely crucial for maintaining companies' future.

Carefully planned backup and disaster recovery strategies are crucial for any company, as the more time spent carefully planning, the less data, time, and money the business loses if disaster strikes. While backing up critical data is a crucial part of every company IT strategy, having backups is different from having disaster recovery plans. With our cloud-based disaster recovery and backup services, you can store vital data offsite, and restore them in no time should any office hardware become damaged or compromised. Disaster Recovery Backup data is generally considered to be the most crucial aspect of your companies daily tech.

Cloud backup services

Cloud Server Backup is an absolute necessity for many organizations today, as most if not all their critical data and applications are stored in a cloud-based server. The best cloud server backup solutions do not just secure newly modified files that are locked down, but they capture changes to open files and databases, which may represent some of your company most critical data. Cloud backup services are uniquely equipped to handle the challenges of protecting your server data, including budgeting, predictable monthly costs. Many third-party backup services have built-in cloud connectors, which you can turn on to push data backups to AWS, with no interruption in the day-to-day operations of your organization.

While both solutions can help safeguard your data and key information from unexpected interruptions and disruptions, sometimes backups are not enough on their own. A robust backup plan that keeps data available is useful in the case of a small outage, but lacking a larger, comprehensive strategy could spell disaster for your business. Here is a breakdown of what to expect from your backup and disaster recovery solutions, so that you can make sure that your company keeps running even when your main servers fail. Instead, with a proper backups and disaster recovery plan, you can keep your data safe in the cloud, where you can pull back the non-infected versions of data taken, and restore them on a new device, or on an older, cleaner device.

This includes not just creating data backups to physical storage devices, where data is still vulnerable to any of the threats listed above, but with a cloud backup service, so that it can be retrieved quickly and effectively, regardless of how they were lost or altered in the first place. Cloud data protection solutions, which combine recent advances in disk-based backups with integrated, secure cloud technologies, provide organizations with faster, assured restores of their key business data, reducing costs and freeing IT personnel to focus on more critical projects. Top-of-the-line solutions deliver enterprise-grade recovery targets, as well as agnostic protection of any app, workload, or database, with no effect on the source servers. Our single-touch DDR solutions leverage continuous, block-level replication, along with highly automated conversions and orchestration for machines, ensuring a minimum RPO and RTO across applications, and greatly reducing the cost of traditional DDR.

A company is only as good as its data, and how you look after that data in the event of a cyber-attack, fire, theft or flood can ultimately make or break your business. You can rely on Ctelecoms to deliver the best backup & disaster recovery solution in the market.

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