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What's next for the Microsoft Cloud?!

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As expected, Microsoft cloud became larger, more deeply integrated, and vertically focused. It’s a big year for Microsoft's cloud services. Microsoft, the second largest enterprise public cloud provider, plans to build 50 to 100 new data centers per year.

But what exactly is the Microsoft cloud? It's not a single SKU or service that customers can purchase. Also, it is not synonymous with Azure. It's much more complicated and more and more intertwined.

In the last few months, Microsoft renamed the bucket of services that its officials have been calling "commercial cloud" to "Microsoft Cloud.

With the start of Microsoft's fiscal year 2022, this name has officially become part of its earnings terminology. Microsoft Cloud includes Microsoft 365/Office 365, Azure and various Azure services, Dynamics 365, several LinkedIn commercial services, cloud database and analytics services, Enterprise Mobility + Security, various "online" versions of Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and more.

What to expect from the Microsoft cloud?

- Low-code application platform guidance

This update includes guidance to help you prepare for low-code development adoption. Added content with best practices for Power Platform adoption and innovation to include it in the Cloud Adoption Framework.

- Cloud-scale analytics

This release of the Cloud Adoption Framework includes significant updates to data management and analytics scenarios. Based on feedback and experience from many customers, Microsoft renamed this scenario to "Cloud Scale Analytics" and updated all articles within it.

- Security best practices for infrastructure and development

On the Azure front, Microsoft is combining work in emerging areas such as Azure Quantum, Azure for Operators (Telco), and Azure Space (for those using satellite imagery and services) with the idea of ​​a federated cloud.

AI is a key component of Microsoft's MetaOS plan and platform, as well as Azure, and is sure to get mentioned often. Microsoft is increasingly taking a stance on “AI at scale.” Microsoft's AI at Scale aims to enable customers to provide customers access to large-scale AI models, cognitive services, and supercomputing resources, all in the form of Azure services.

Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance is a data service that can be built on the infrastructure of your choice. Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance is nearly 100% compatible with the latest SQL Server database engine. Customers using SQL Server can migrate their applications to Azure Arc data services while maintaining data sovereignty with minimal changes to their applications and databases. SQL Managed Instance includes built-in management features that significantly reduce management overhead.

Security Best Practices for Infrastructure and Development is comprehensive guidance for the entire cloud security development lifecycle across strategy, architecture, implementation, operations, and governance. These best practices complement the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Microsoft tools, security guides, and technical documentation focused on infrastructure and development.

- Mapping Security Controls to Azure Landing Zones

The Azure Red Hat OpenShift Landing Zone Accelerator is a collection of templates, design recommendations, and implementation references for accelerating the deployment of Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters in your landing zone. This landing zone accelerator is open source. Customize templates and recommendations to create an architecture that meets your needs. By following this guidance, organizations can lay the foundation for scalability.

Many organizations must comply with regulations governing their industry or region before adopting cloud services. A Microsoft-recommended best practice is to map the required compliance controls to the Azure Security Benchmark. It provides a set of cloud-centric security controls based on widely used compliance control frameworks.

Mapping the necessary controls to the Azure Security Benchmark can significantly speed up your secure Azure onboarding experience.

- Unified management and operations with Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes landing zone accelerator

This Cloud Adoption Framework release includes considerations to help you prepare for an enterprise-scale deployment of Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes.

This scenario gives the following desired results:

1 - Improves your hybrid practice by implementing Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes* management and operations.

2 – helps you to set up proper Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes governance for all on-premises and multi-cloud resources.

3 - Minimizes technical debt by adopting well-structured principles for all Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes workloads.

4 – Automates all three of the above with the Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes Landing Zone Accelerator codebase.

5 - Provides quick access to skilling resources for the various Azure services documentation or learning modules required in this scenario.

Nowadays, Microsoft will undoubtedly continue to enhance its data platform and services. As another area where officials believe the Microsoft cloud can grow.

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* Kubernetes, often abbreviated as “K8s”, orchestrates containerized applications to run on a cluster of hosts. The K8s system automates the deployment and management of cloud native applications using on-premises infrastructure or public cloud platforms.

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