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How can leaders and managers stay in touch with their team?!

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Viva insights, as a part of the employee engagement platform, helps you understand how work is happening so you can take the suitable actions with prompts and recommendations which in turn will improve productivity. So, individuals, managers and leaders can create a culture of sustained performance.

Viva Insights can help you in two ways. First, understand how work is happening, and second to discuss actions that help improve productivity and prioritize well-being.

Importantly, Viva protects your privacy every step of the way with built-in privacy and compliance protections.

With Viva Insights, get insights for how much time you spend in meetings and emails, reminders to take regular breaks, prioritize focus time and make time for learning, as well as for building your network.

There's also a virtual commute for transitions between work and life. You'll find this very useful on days you work from home, allowing you to be more with friends and family.

Managers and leaders can get insight into how their teams’ work. For example, see if your team is at risk of burnout due to increased after-hours collaboration, or see how much time your team has spent on emails, meetings, Teams chats.

In short, Viva Insights includes a Microsoft Teams and web apps that help people and businesses thrive by improving productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations.

Manager insights make it easy for managers to understand current team norms and take action to help their teams strike a balance between productivity and wellbeing.

Organizational insights for business leaders also provide broad visibility across the organization, helping them understand where a change in organizational norms could improve both the employee experience and business outcomes.

In addition, individuals receive personal insights visible to help identify opportunities to change how they work so they can do their best work.

Personal Insights does not give any employee in the organization the access to new personally identifiable information about other co-workers. Viva Insights turns data into personal insights by doing calculations on the information that employees generate as they work.

What about the confidentiality of information your employees see in Viva Insights?

Don't worry about this point …

The information you see in Viva Insights is only available to you! No one else in your organization can see your personal insights, this feature also applies to each of your employees. People can only see what you have already granted them access to in Microsoft 365.

But managers like you can discover key insights about your team's collaboration effectiveness and employee experience in the Microsoft Viva Insights app and in advanced insights. Managers who are assigned licenses can view their team's organization trends within the Viva Insights app.

Viva Insights is designed to help people at all levels of your organization improve their well-being and productivity. Onsite or remote, it doesn't matter.

Microsoft introduced features to help users stay on top of tasks and meetings, stay focused throughout the day, and take time for guided meditations, all without leaving the Insights app in Teams.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ctelecoms is proud to help you and explain all about Microsoft Viva through a Free Demo and Free workshop.

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