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Microsoft does not provide a native data protection service with Microsoft 365®, Bactopus® Does

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This 5-minute, easy-to-read document explains why organizations need to protect Microsoft 365 data, you will learn:

  1. The big understanding between Microsoft’s 365 responsibility and the IT organization’s responsibility.
  2. Why is data recovery so important in the cloud? And why do you need to back up your Microsoft 365 data?
  3. 7 reasons why backing up Microsoft 365 is critical.
  4. Our new SaaS application – Bactopus
  5. Bactopus® Features: why Bactopus® is the solution for your enterprise?
  6. Who is in control of Microsoft 365 data.

 Why is data recovery so important in the cloud? And why do you need to back up your Microsoft 365 data?

Data recovery is a key component of cloud computing and is an important part of ensuring that data remains secure and accessible. Without it, there is a risk of losing critical data in the event of an emergency, making it essential for businesses to implement data recovery strategies to protect their data.

It’s important to remember that Software as a Service (SaaS) platform providers, like Microsoft 365, take on the responsibility of application uptime and the underlying infrastructure. However, it’s still the customer’s responsibility to manage and protect their vital business data, according to Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model. It’s also worth noting that while many of the built-in features within Microsoft 365 can feel like backups, none of them adhere to the common definition of a backup, which is a separate copy of data that’s stored in a separate location that data can quickly and easily be recovered from.

There are 7 Reasons Why Microsoft 365 Backup is Critical:

  1. Accidental deletion: This is actually the most common cause of data loss in Microsoft 365. If you delete a user, whether you meant to or not, that deletion will then be replicated across the network. A backup could restore that user, either to on-premises Exchange or Microsoft 365.
  2. Retention policy gaps and confusion: Retention policies in Microsoft 365 are designed to help organizations comply with regulations, laws and internal policies that require that they retain or delete content; they are not backups. But even if you do rely on your retention policy in place of a backup, these retention policies are hard to keep up with, let alone manage. A backup provides longer and more accessible retention that’s all protected and stored in one place for easy recovery.
  3. Internal security threats: When we think of threats to our business, we usually think in terms of protecting against external forces. However, many businesses also experience threats from the inside, and these issues happen more often than you think. Having a high-grade recovery solution mitigates the risk of critical data being lost or destroyed.
  4. External security threats: Ransomware is becoming more and more sophisticated, and criminals are finding more ways to reach our users and deceive them into clicking a link that encrypts the entire organization’s data for ransom. A backup can easily restore data to an instance before the attack.
  5. Legal and compliance requirements: There are eDiscovery capabilities built into Microsoft 365, but a third-party backup solution is purpose-built to easily search within a backup and quickly bring back data to meet any regulatory compliance needs.
  6. Teams’ data structure: The Microsoft Teams backend is much more complex than many realize. Teams is not a self-contained application, meaning the data generated in Teams resides in other applications like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive. With this added layer of complexity, ensuring that data is adequately protected is paramount.

Bactopus® is our fastest growing product, powered by Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 (the leader for Microsoft 365 backup in terms of overall market share) and hosted on Microsoft Azure, safeguarded our customer’s Microsoft 365 data, including Microsoft Teams, with purpose-built Teams backup support.

We recorded 15000 Users and more than 300 TB of data protected just last year. We have been working extensively for the last couple of years to help our customers achieve a great recovery plan for their critical M365 workloads. Accordingly, we are the Only and the First Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider in Saudi Arabia and also in the Middle East.

Bactopus® Features: why Bactopus® is the solution for your enterprise?

Bactopus® eliminates the risk of losing your Microsoft 365 data, including Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams so that your data is always protected and accessible.

Bactopus® enable you to:

  • backup and protect Microsoft 365 data from accidental deletion and security threats.
  • Quickly restore Microsoft 365 data with industry-leading flexibility
  • Meet compliance requirements with fast search-and-find capabilities.

Bactopus® Key capabilities:

  • Unlimited Storage & Retention: With Bactopus, you will not worry about paying for Storage and Retention. Your data can grow for tens of Terabytes and will be retained forever as long as you’re subscribing to Bactopus®.
  • Easier License Management (Pay per User): You only pay per user, No hidden costs. All your SharePoint & Teams data will be backed up without extra licensing.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: You can download, export and backup data indefinitely without worrying for paying for bandwidth or limiting the Bandwidth for your Actions.
  • 99% Uptime: Our Platform is hosted on Azure with High Availability Infrastructure and meets the SLA provided by Microsoft Azure Services.
  • Friendly User Interface: Bactopus® is designed to keep all the actions simple and friendly to use in order to backup and restore your data without worrying about the technical configuration and backend processes.
  • Time Efficient: Bactopus® will reduce the time spent on managing the backup and the restore operations compared with other backup systems.
  • Advanced Notifications System: Bactopus® allows you to configure multiple triggers and rules based on the system functionalities to receive Emails and (Coming Soon) Teams Notifications.
  • 24/7 Support: Bactopus® Technical Team will work with you to support or guide you thru the Platform. You can open a ticket with us at any time using multiple Support Channels (Email, Phone and Support System).
  • Advanced Protection: Protect Microsoft 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps and protect against data loss scenarios that are not covered by Microsoft.
  • Industry Leading Recovery: Quickly restore individual Microsoft 365 items and files with industry-leading recovery flexibility with more than 35 restore options available.
  • e-Discovery: Reduce the time and effort needed to find and restore email data using e-Discovery with complete control for compliance & legal requirements.
  • Optimized Performance: Restore, Search, Save Results and Export at any time without worrying about servers performance using segregated Repositories, Backup jobs and Restore operations.
  • SSO with Microsoft 365: Sign in with the application seamlessly. No extra password to manage and secure access to Bactopus® by using your Azure AD MFA.
  • Data Encryption: Protect your backup from unauthorized access by using multiple level of encryption (API SSL Encryption, Azure Storage Encryption and Data at Rest Encryption with customer defined Key)..
  • Auditing: Audit each operation and monitor the access of your Administrators with delegated administration and customized Roles and Permissions.
  • Full Data Ownership: Data can be hosted in your existing Azure AD Tenant or new Tenant owned by you.


Bactopus® Can Solve Your Data Protection Challenges and Limitations for Microsoft 365. It is SaaS, Azure Hosted, Veeam Integrated and Automated using latest Cloud Technologies.

Bactopus® is the right solution for your Cloud Backup needs, and our customers love being able to have full control over their Microsoft 365 data and protect against the seven reasons we covered.


You can read more about Bactopus® or ask for a demo!

Just follow our link: http://bactopus.com/contact-us


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