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Microsoft Copilot for Security-coming Soon

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Microsoft’s new tool, Copilot for Security, has helpful features like summarizing security issues, examining their effects, figuring out how attacks happened, and helping fix them.

Starting April 1, 2024, this AI helper will be ready for everyone to use. It’s designed to make cybersecurity experts’ jobs easier.

It will help these experts sort out, identify, and solve cybersecurity problems and will be included in all of Microsoft’s security tools.


Microsoft says its Copilot for Security can do certain security-related writing tasks 46% quicker than people, and it’s more accurate too.

Security analysts, especially the newer ones, often struggle with figuring out the details of harmful computer code used in cyberattacks. The bad guys hide their code to keep their methods secret.

Normally, experts would take apart this hidden code to learn how the attack was done. But there’s a shortage of skilled people who can do this well and quickly, according to Microsoft.

Copilot for Security, meanwhile, can translate the code and provide a natural language explanation for the entire script, breaking down what each individual piece of code is doing.

Microsoft believes this tool will help businesses address their skills shortage problems by providing less experienced junior analysts with actionable insights on an individual script, so they don’t have to go through the tough job of taking the code apart themselves.

Now, if you need to make a complicated KQL script, you can just describe what you want in plain words. This makes things fairer because before, the less experienced analysts would have needed the more experienced ones to help them with this kind of task.


Copilot for Security will help seize the initiative from threat actors

The assistant uses smart analytics to figure out how big security problems might be. It gives a full review and details on what parts of the system an attack has hit.

Security experts can get a detailed report for each problem, plus clear, step-by-step advice on how to handle an attack. This includes help with sorting it out, keeping it under control, and fixing it.

Also, Microsoft will let people make and keep their own easy commands for the tasks they do a lot.

Microsoft’s tests showed that skilled security analysts were 22% quicker at usual security jobs when using Copilot, and they were also 7% more accurate.

What’s more, 97% of these analysts liked Copilot so much they wanted to use it again. Microsoft points out that AI can make work better and more enjoyable by doing the boring tasks that can annoy people.

With Copilot for Security, Microsoft is showing it believes AI can really make things better for security work in companies all over the world.


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