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How to Protect Your Email from Cyberattacks with Cisco and Ctelecoms

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Email is the most important business communication tool for engaging with customers and prospects. But it is also the leading attack vector for cybercriminals who want to steal your data, disrupt your operations, and damage your reputation.

If you are a business owner or an organization leader in Saudi Arabia, you know how challenging it is to keep your email secure from threats such as spam, malware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), phishing, ransomware, and more. These threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, which means you need to be able to detect and respond to them quickly and effectively.

But how do you do that? How do you block phishing attacks and stop advanced email threats from reaching your endpoints? And how do you protect your reputation and prevent brand abuse through impersonation of your company’s domain?

The answer is simple: You need Cisco secure email, the best-in-class solution that protects your email from all kinds of cyberattacks. And you need Ctelecoms, the premier Cisco partner in Saudi Arabia, to implement and support it for you.

What is Cisco Secure Email?

Cisco secure email is a comprehensive solution that protects your email from phishing, ransomware, spoofing, and more. It also provides encryption, data loss prevention, and advanced malware analysis. You can choose from different deployment options, such as cloud-based, hybrid, or appliance-based, to suit your needs and preferences. Cisco secure email also integrates with Cisco SecureX, the cloud-native platform that connects Cisco’s integrated security portfolio, to provide visibility and automation across your security environment.

Why Choose Cisco Secure Email Solution from Ctelecoms?

Ctelecoms is a leading IT company in Saudi Arabia that provides innovative and reliable IT solutions and services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. As a premier Cisco partner in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh and Western KSA), Ctelecoms has the expertise and experience to implement and support Cisco Secure Email for your email protection.

With Cisco Secure Email from Ctelecoms, you can:

  • Free your mind from any IT or implementation concerns as Ctelecoms ensures rapid, no-downtime deployment of the solution across your organization.
  • Gain excellent, 24/7 IT support from our email security experts whenever needed.
  • Detect and block more threats with superior threat intelligence from Talos threat research team.
  • Combat ransomware hidden in attachments that evade initial detection with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Cisco Threat Grid.
  • Drop emails with risky links automatically and block access to newly infected sites with real-time URL analysis to protect against phishing and BEC.
  • Prevent brand abuse and sophisticated identity-based email attacks with Cisco Domain Protection (CDP) and Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection (CAPP) services.
  • Protect sensitive content in outgoing emails with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and easy-to-use email encryption, all in one solution.


Don’t let email threats slow you down. Ctelecoms provides you with the optimal Cisco security solution for your email protection, tailored to your business requirements.

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