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The Best Solution for Email Security in a Complex World

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Email remains today’s number one threat vector for launching cyberattacks. Hybrid work, attacker sophistication, and the growing use of cloud applications and personal devices have combined to further increase this risk.


Threat actors are taking advantage of unsuspecting users by launching email-based attacks such as phishing, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), and account takeovers. And the use of artificial intelligence (AI) enables attackers to make their communications even more convincing, raising the chances of your users falling victim.


Insider threats can also use email to send malware or confidential data outside the organization. Both inbound and outbound threats can significantly impact a company’s finances and reputation.


According to various sources, email is responsible for 94% of malware delivery, 96% of phishing attacks, and millions of dollars in losses due to data breaches and whaling attacks. Moreover, the pandemic has exacerbated the problem, as phishing attacks have increased by 667% and 83% of organizations have reported experiencing them in 2021. In 2022, nearly 40 million high-risk email threats were detected, posing a serious threat to the security and privacy of email users. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt effective email security solutions and practices to protect your email from these attacks.


Robust email protection for a new, hybrid world

As risks increase, Cisco continues to innovate in email security to help organizations remain cyber resilient. Modern threats require integrated solutions that work together as a cohesive system. Cisco Secure Email combines multi-layered detection and mitigation capabilities to quickly block known attacks and remediate new threats. It also provides unmatched visibility and insight into email-based risks to help with future prevention.


Coupling the industry-leading threat intelligence of Cisco Talos with AI and machine learning, Secure Email delivers a comprehensive solution for defending users, systems, and data from a wide range of attacks. Cisco Secure Email protects your organization on multiple fronts through capabilities including: end-to-end encryption, anti-phishing, data loss prevention (DLP), in-depth threat and URL analysis, and more. Additionally, it integrates with the entire Cisco Secure portfolio for more robust defense.


By operating alongside technologies like Cisco Secure Endpoint, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco Duo, for example, the capabilities of Secure Email can be reinforced with strong endpoint protection, web security, and multi-factor authentication, respectively. Secure Email can safeguard on-premises, virtual, and cloud-based email deployments, as well as hybrid environments, providing the flexibility companies need to remain secure as they adapt to changing business requirements.

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