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Why your business needs Unified Communications

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What is Unified Communications?

“Unified Communications (UC) is a marketing buzzword describing the integration of real-time, enterprise, communication services” - Wikipedia
UC applications bring together a collection of collaboration and communication services that allow users to interact anywhere and anytime regardless of location, making it easier to continue phone calls on the go, and share important files with business personnel.

UC Mission

The goal of unified Commutations is to simplify access to all communication tools by combining IP telephony and data while enabling customers to use the same number as well as a unified inbox for all their communications. Users can share, save and manage data while using voice and other UC tools. It also combines email, fax, video conferencing and voice calls into one network without compromising security!

UC Security

UC software are very secure. They can encrypt sensitive data being sent or shared so they don’t get accessed by the wrong people.

How have UC made life easier?

UC applications and services have simplified access to data and personnel, and thus, provided a more effective workflow for thousands of employers around the world!
Here are the 5 basic benefits of UC tools and applications:

1. All your devices ring at the same time regardless of location, this makes it easier to reach contacts in time.
2. Much cheaper!
3. You can use the same number on all devices.
4. You can see if the person you’re calling is available or not via the status indicator of a specific contact, so you’re not calling at the wrong time.
5. You can continue the same phone call on your smartphone, desktop, office phone…etc. (great for working on the go!)

Ctelecoms UC applications!
We provide outstanding and affordable UC applications, all set to make your phone calls much more effective on the go.

In addition to that, we have launched Ctelecoms Store to make it easier for our customers to browse our services and buy online!

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