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The way to an easy business life! - Video Conferencing

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In the old days, people had to travel miles and miles to attend a business conference or meeting, this consumed too much time not to mention the travel costs! Nowadays technology has introduced us to one of its best inventions…video conferencing. An ultimate solution to all meeting problems!

What exactly is Video Conferencing and why do we need it?

Let me ask you a question, have you ever wished you could just have your meeting while sitting right there in your office sipping a nice cup of coffee instead of travelling half way across the world? Wish granted! That’s exactly what video conferencing is. Video conferencing allows users to accomplish meetings in minutes! It's fast, it's easy and it's MUCH cheaper.
So I guess we've answered the first part of the question, now for the "why do we need it" part, well we don't "need" Video Conferencing, we want it. Yes we all want the easy way out, the best way out. And Video Conferencing gives it all.

What does video conferencing offer us?

To give you a simple and straight answer: It offers you the solution to an easy, productive and fully accomplished online video meeting!
Video Conferencing allows you to have your business meeting as if you are sitting in the same room with the rest of your attendees offering you both verbal and visual interaction. Anyone can have a meeting over the phone and still get all the information they need, but is it the same?
A study confirmed that 94% of human communication is nonverbal, this means that looking at the person whilst talking to them is in some way vital. To double-check, try having a conversation with your eyes closed, then try having the same conversation with your eyes open. You might find that you understood both conversations slightly differently, and this is because body language and nonverbal communication alone have the ability to convey a precise message, whereas verbal communication alone may not, and that's why sometimes when you are talking or giving a speech or a demonstration, you may find yourself motioning with your hands, interesting isn't it?
Now the inventors of Video Conferencing put all of this into account and gave us the ultimate solution…Video Conferencing.

Ctelecoms’ Video Conferencing

Our Cisco sX-20 video conferencing solution contains a set of devices: codec, camera, microphone, and remote control!
It can be configured to call another SX-20 product directly through the same LAN or remotely through the internet.
The visual quality of our Video Conferencing solution speaks for its self! It offers a premium resolution 1080p60, three camera options and a dual display.
We provide you with Video Conferencing solutions that have simple and intuitive connections offering you an easy setup. Add to that we have launched an online store that enables you to nail down our services and solutions easily and quickly.

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