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Eliminate barriers to team productivity

Eliminate barriers to team productivity

Find the right expert fast

As colleagues form communities to share best practices and success stories, Yammer allows employees to easily access these networks to quickly connect with the right experts and get their questions answered.

Enable teams to self-organize

Employees need resources to quickly and easily coordinate initiatives, which isn’t always a simple task with cross-functional teams. Yammer allows employees to get aligned quickly and collaborate seamlessly on content.

Work socially on files and documents

Share ideas and expertise around Office documents, images, and videosright from within the content you’re editing or reviewing. You can participate in Yammer conversations right next to your document, on your mobile device, or any app with a Yammer feed.

Increase responsiveness to customers, partners, and suppliers

Help employees help customers, fast

Easily share files when and where you need to

With Office 365 and Yammer, you’re enabling your employees to provide customers with answers faster than ever before—even in real time, which leads to a happier customer, a productive work day, and a positive result for your business.

Initiate innovation with open dialogues

Drive two-way conversations with your partners and suppliers to help all parties better understand needs. These deeper connections can help accelerate your company’s ability to adapt, make smarter business decisions, and innovate.

Tap into your network with the power of Office Delve

Tap into your network with the power of Office Delve

Get personalized insights

Quickly find the people, content, and conversations that are most relevant to you with the power of Office Delve. Delve surfaces personalized content for you based on what you’re working on and what’s trending around you in Office 365.

Powered by Office Graph

The Office Graph uses machine-based learning techniques to analyze content and user behavior, mapping out signals and relationships between things like email, social conversations, documents, and meetings. Delve search and discoverycaptures those insights and suggests content to help you access what you need most.

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