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Manage all your devices from a single centralized dashboard using Cisco Meraki

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Meraki dashboard is a cloud-based network management platform that is used to manage Meraki networking devices, such as access points, switches, and security appliances. It provides centralized visibility and control over the network, allowing administrators to configure and monitor network settings, deploy network policies, and troubleshoot issues from a single web-based interface.

Meraki APIs

The Meraki dashboard API is an interface for software to interact directly with the Meraki cloud platform and Meraki-managed devices. It provides a collection of tools called endpoints that enable the development of software and applications that interact with the Meraki dashboard. These endpoints are useful for various tasks such as setting up devices, making changes in bulk, monitoring, and managing access controls based on user roles.

By providing open API accessibility, Meraki leverages the power of the cloud platform on a deeper level to create more efficient and powerful solutions. Through Meraki APIs, users can automate deployments, monitor their networks, and build additional solutions on top of the Meraki dashboard.

API keys are tied to a specific user account through the Meraki platform. If an individual has administrative access to multiple Meraki organizations, a single key can configure and control those multiple organizations.

Everything works better on a cloud-managed network.

Meraki dashboard tasks

The Meraki dashboard allows administrators to perform a variety of tasks, including:

- Configure network settings, such as wireless SSIDs and VLANs

- Monitor network performance and usage statistics

- View detailed device information and status

- Set up security policies and monitor security threats

- Create and manage user accounts and permissions

- Deploy firmware updates and configuration changes


The Meraki dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple, graphical interface that makes it easy to navigate and perform tasks. It is accessible from any web browser and can be used to manage multiple networks and locations from a single account.

Meraki dashboard is a part of the Cisco Meraki family of cloud-managed networking solutions, which includes access points, switches, security appliances, and cameras.

Ctelecoms is a significant partner of CISCO in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Jeddah, and ranks among the top 10 CISCO partners internationally in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Russia. Our goal is to provide KSA organizations with advanced and user-friendly Meraki cloud solutions that can be managed from a centralized dashboard. This approach helps address emerging business challenges, enhance network flexibility, and minimize operational expenses.



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